Bundles of Joy

A welcome cash prize from Reader's Digest brings this household two new best friends

"These dogs have made Makayla so happy!" Merle and Makayla have reaped the benefits in furry friendship

M Roskvist of Northcote in New Zealand knew exactly how to spend some of the $15,000 she won in a recent Reader's Digest Sweepstakes draw. Merle searched the newspaper pet columns to find two adorable Bichon Frise dogs for her granddaughter Makayla. Merle has been looking after the 17-year-old, who has a rare genetic disorder, for more than 13 years. Shortly before her Sweepstakes win, the family had lost their beloved Newfoundland dog.

So welcoming Mo and Rosie to the household has been a thrill for both Merle and Makayla. Says Merle, "The best thing about this win is the happiness it has brought Makayla."

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